Nail'd Demo

Off road racing amplified


  • Incredible feeling of speed
  • Loud soundtrack
  • Quads and Bikes


  • Very remeniscent of Pure
  • Average handling


Nail'd is an over the top off road arcade racing game, that focuses on ridiculous speed and vertical drops to give players a roller coaster ride.

If you're after realism, this is the wrong place to be. Nail'd, like Pure and Motorstorm on the PlayStation 3 is all about adrenalin and forward motion. Braking is inadvisable; death-defying stunts the norm. The first time you play the game it is impressive, and while there are prettier games, the environments do look good, and there are some really cool set pieces during races.

Nail'd lets you race motocross bikes and quad bikes. Neither handle realistically, although we thought the quads were slightly more impressive. What is without doubt is that Pure has better handling than Nail'd.

What it lacks in handling, Nail'd makes up for in thrills and spills: The speed is incredible, and the jumps and drops are huge. Sound wise, Nail'd is adequate - the engines and environmental noise all sound OK, and there's a rock soundtrack that's pretty much standard for any 'extreme' sports game. The single player campaign is buoyed by online multiplayer races of up to 12 players.

Nail'd is a fun arcade racer that's not very deep, but certainly provides some short term excitement.



Nail'd Demo

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